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The journey doesn´t stop…

Travelling by motorhome has established itself as the best tourist option over the last year. It is the best way to comply with the anti-COVID-19 protocols and to reach less frequented places, to comply with the safety distances and to interact only with your family.

With access to other provinces of Andalusia restricted, we suggest you discover the interior of Malaga and its white villages.

A walk through white façades, reddish roofs and incredible views of the Mediterranean. We suggest you enjoy a route through 7 villages of the Costa del Sol, a journey through small towns with narrow streets, colourful flowers on the walls and very close to the sea. They are full of charm on all sides.


Casares, on the western Costa del Sol, was built around a fortress erected in the 13th century by the Arabs to maintain control over the Ronda mountains and the Strait of Gibraltar. The walls that delimited the perimeter of the castle, now in ruins, still house the church of the Encarnación and the municipal museum in a historic-artistic complex of great beauty.

Long before the Arab domination, the Phoenicians had already settled in this area which later, under Roman influence, would become the city of Lacipo. The healing tradition of the Baños de la Hedionda, whose therapeutic sulphurous waters seem to have cured Julius Caesar himself of certain ailments, dates back to the Roman Empire. Casares also has a large green lung in the Sierra Bermeja Nature Reserve, where a type of volcanic rock has emerged from the bowels of the earth. A perfect place to start this route through the white villages of the Costa del Sol.

You can spend the night in the motorhome area in Casares, which has 10 spaces and is free of charge. Camping equipment is not allowed. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: 36.44611 / -5.27833
N 36º 26′ 46″ / W 05º 16′ 42″.


A very mountainous locality, but only 7 kilometres from the coast. It is situated in a privileged location, next to the famous Ronda mountain range; and it mixes the rural tranquillity with the cosmopolitan of its proximity to Marbella. The landscape is a mixture of mountains, three rivers running through them and a canyon. The viaduct of Las Angosturas, which takes its name precisely from the narrowness of the place it crosses, stands out.

White, of course, is the predominant colour of its buildings, which, seen in panoramic views, seem to hang over the mountains. Its narrow streets lead to wide squares and exhale an exquisite aroma of the Arab past. And among its monuments, the watchtowers that were built during the Muslim period, the castle of Montemayor and the church of the Virgen del Rosario should be immortalised. On the other hand, the village also has important mining deposits, great for geology lovers.

You can spend the night in the motorhome area of Casares (40 minutes from Benhavís).


The village of Ojén is a perfect combination. It is not typically seaside, but in the distance you can sense the salty waters of the Mediterranean. It is mountainous, but it does not go into the steepest part of the Sierra de las Nieves. It is undoubtedly a transition. A fusion protected by a wild nature thanks to sierras like the Blanca or the Alpujata and the valley of Juanar. Through a network of narrow streets marked by the colour of the snow and decorated with flowerpots, its attractions emerge. The church of La Encarnación appears on one side and its caves on the other. And in between, fiesta and gastronomy.

You can spend the night in the Málaga Beach area (50 minutes from Ojén), which has 90 beds and an overnight stay and water change fee of 10 euros. Only the change of water costs 5 euros, and the price of electricity is 3 euros. You can take the opportunity to enjoy Malaga, its monuments and beaches. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: 36.71361 / -4.31639
N 36º 42′ 49″ / W 04º 18′ 59″


Mijas is, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful white villages in Andalusia. Tourists walk through its narrow streets… and also donkey-taxis, an originality that has become a classic. If you come to this municipality, a visit to the gardens of the old fortress is a must, a vantage point from which you can look down over this beautiful village.

The Muslim origins of the town can be seen in the beautiful tower of the church of the Immaculate Conception. Walking through the cobbled and labyrinthine streets of Mijas you will come to the Contemporary Art Centre, which houses an important collection of ceramics by masters of the stature of Dalí and the great Picasso. Obviously, Mijas has its share of Costa del Sol in the beaches of La Butibamba and El Bombo.

You can spend the night in the car park of the Mijas cove, which is free for overnight stay, emptying of waste water, emptying of the chemical toilet and water change. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: N 36.50619, W 4.68232
N 36°30’22”, W 4°40’56”.

Another option is the El Rengo area, which has 20 places and a fee of 5 euros per overnight stay, emptying of the chemical toilet and water change. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: N 36.53239, W 4.63878
N 36°31’57”, W 4°38’20”.


Comares blends in with the clouds. From afar, it seems suspended in the sky, floating. But when it is close by, the mystery is solved. Like a fortress, the entire town centre stands on a crag from which it dominates a large part of the region of La Axarquía. A strategic position that made it one of the strongholds of Al Andalus.

And that today allows us to discover a village with a special idiosyncrasy, with a zigzagging urban layout that offers visitors beautiful panoramic views. Once in the municipality, its Moorish arches seem like tunnels of time. The remains of the old castle, the site of the Cerro de Mazmúllar, the old wall or the Aljibe -declared a Historic-Artistic Monument- are some of the Moorish traces. Also the Mudejar tower of the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, a temple built in the 16th century. And if you are a lover of adventure sports, there is a zip-line more than 400 metres long and 100 metres high.

You can spend the night in the marina area of Caleta de Vélez (45 minutes from Comares), which has 33 berths and an overnight stay of 9.5 euros. Only the change of water costs 3 euros. Electricity costs 0.08 euros per hour. There are toilets and showers. The town centre is 500 metres away. You can take the opportunity to visit the Casa Cervantes and the Alcazaba. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: 36.74833 / -4.06556
N 36º 44′ 54″ / W 04º 03′ 56″.

Another option is the Camper Area M&H – El Rincón, which has 35 places and an overnight stay and water change fee of 12 euros. Only the water change costs 2 euros, electricity costs 3 euros and wifi costs 1 euro per day. The pitches are 40 square metres. There is also a washing machine and dryer. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: 36.71639 / -4.23806
N 36º 42′ 59″ / W 04º 14′ 17″ / W 04º 14′ 17″.


The pristine white of its network of narrow streets is dotted with a multitude of colours on the doors, railings and lintels of the houses, creating a unique space. Arches, slopes, curves, bends, alleys and passages help you to travel back in time during a stroll through the town.

The most striking building is the palace of the Counts of Frigiliana, built in the 16th century, with a façade decorated with paintings and geometric motifs. The building is popularly known as ‘El Ingenio’ and currently houses the only sugar cane honey factory in Europe. The church of San Antonio de Padua, from the 16th century, is another of the most suggestive places, while throughout the intricate urban layout are hidden points of interest such as the Fuente Vieja, the Reales Pósitos, the Torreón, the Fuente de las Tres Culturas or the beautiful Casa del Apero. In addition, its spectacular natural environment allows Frigiliana to have several viewpoints from which we can observe the Mediterranean Sea. But we can also explore numerous places of great ecological wealth in the Sierra Tejeda-Almijara Natural Park. Among the most attractive trails are the one that ascends to the Pico de El Fuerte, the one that goes into the course of the Higuerón river or the one that reaches the beautiful village of El Acebuchal.

You can spend the night in the area of Nerja (about 10 minutes from Frigiliana), which has 10 euros and a fee of 3 euros. Loading and unloading services are free if you fill up with diesel. Laundry facilities are also available. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: 36.76194 / -3.88778
N 36º 45′ 43″ / W 03º 53′ 16″.

Another option is the marina area of Caleta Vélez (25 minutes from Frigiliana).


An average annual temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and more than 300 days of sunshine make Torrox boast of its climate. It has two urban centres: one inland and the other on the coast. Next to the lighthouse overlooking the Mediterranean, some remains of the Roman city of Clavicum are preserved. Also of note are the watchtowers of Calaceite and Huit, both of which are part of the coastal defence system of the Arab period.

In addition, you can see some remains of the Islamic fortress and the wall that surrounded the town at that time. Its main religious building, the church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, was built in the 16th century in the Mudejar style. The aqueduct of La Granja, the palace of La Joya, the convent of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves or the old sugar engineer of San Rafael are other points of interest in Torrox.

You can spend the night in the Camper Area Milu Car, which has 28 places and a rate for overnight stay, emptying of waste water, emptying of the chemical toilet and change of water of 11.50 euros (from 1 January to 30 June, and from 1 September to 31 December), and 13.50 euros (from 1 July to 31 August). It is 1.5 kilometres from the centre. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES: N 36.73259, W 3.94293
N 36°43’57”, W 3°56’35”.

Another option is the Torrox Costa campsite, which has 200 pitches and a rate for overnight stay, emptying of waste water, emptying of the chemical toilet and change of water of 15 euros from 1 January to 30 June and from 1 September to 31 December, 20 euros from 1 July to 31 July, and 22 euros from 1 August to 31 August. See on Google Maps. GPS COORDINATES:N 36.73924, W 3.94971
N 36°44’21”, W 3°56’59”.



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