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Roads near the sea (Cantabria)

From Irún, on the border with France, to Pobeña, at the entrance to Cantabria, the Coastal Route allows you to discover 125 km of ‘another’ Euskadi. This route has a long tradition, as it was used by European kings and nobles who wanted to avoid the territories where the Reconquest was still being fought.

Starting at the International Bridge of Santiago in Irún, the traveller will enter towns such as Hondarribia or fishing villages such as Pasai Donibae and Pasai San Pedro, which are the prelude to the arrival in San Sebastián, an obligatory stop where the tourist can lose himself in the old town, the Paseo de la Concha, the viewpoint of Monte Igueldo or taste the rich Basque gastronomy in the restaurant Kokotxa, responsible for seducing the customer with its tasty grilled squid with bacon. (Average price: 60€)

After visiting the villages of Zarautz, Getaria, Ondarróa and Guernika, the next stop and tourist attraction is Bilbao. Once in the last destination, the traveller can enter the Guggenheim Museum and discover the gastronomic innovation of the Nerua restaurant, the perfect place to enjoy a succulent Turbot with turnips and aromatic herb juice (Average price: 70€).

After leaving Bilbao, the route continues towards the industrial towns of Barakaldo, Sestao and Portugalete, where the traveller will be able to see the Hanging Bridge, the work of Alberto Palacio, declared a World Heritage Site. Once in Muskiz, we head towards the end of the route, Pobeña, which has the natural beach of La Arena.

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