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10 tips for first time motorhome travellers

We all like to travel, but in many occasions always staying in a hotel can be expensive, as in addition to accommodation you also have to spend money on food in restaurants and transport. That’s why more and more people are choosing to rent a motorhome, as this way you can take a house anywhere and save a lot of money and be able to travel more often.

The great thing about a motorhome is not only that you save money on accommodation, but also that you have transport and cooking included and you don’t have to spend money on taxis, trains or restaurants every day as a motorhome offers you everything a person and family needs. A place to sleep and relax, a vehicle to move around in and a kitchen to cook meals in is all you need and that’s why more and more people are renting a motorhome every day.



Keys to a motorhome trip


1. Plan your trip. It may sound absurd, but it’s not. The number one key is to plan your trip so that you know what to take with you in your motorhome. It’s a small place and you can’t take a thousand suitcases.

2. Point out what you need on a map. Mark on a map places to refill water, empty grey water and fill up with petrol. It will save you nerves and make your trip easier.

3. Test the tanks first: learn how to fill and empty the tanks before setting off to make your journey safer.

4. Go for a drive to calculate distances. The motorhome is a large vehicle and everyone must adapt to it. It is advisable to take a walk before going on a longer trip.

5. Test the cooler. The fridge can hold fresh and perfect food, but you should not fill it to the brim because it may not be able to hold that much. That’s why it’s important to test how much food you should put in.

6. Find out where to sleep. Before you leave for your destination, find out where you can park to sleep. There are often places that are cheaper than camping.

7. Keep an eye on space. It is important to economise on space. The good thing about a motorhome is that you can fit a lot of things in it, but you have to do it wisely so that what really matters is there.

8. Learn how to assemble the beds. If your motorhome is one of those where you have to dismantle the living room to assemble a bed, do a test before setting off. More than anything so that when the moment of truth arrives you don’t spend two hours learning how to assemble it.

9. Learn how to use the shower. It sounds easy but it is not. The water in the shower will fall depending on how the motorhome is parked, so be careful, if you don’t park it straight you could overflow it!

10.Make yourself comfortable. Take your time to investigate and try everything, this way you will ensure a much more relaxed journey.

When are we going?


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